Transform Your Garage with Our Concrete Floor Coating

Say goodbye to that drab concrete floor in just 1 day!

1-Day Installation
Drive on in 24 hours
10-Year Warranty

The Ultimate Makeover for Your Garage

Whether you’re looking to create a showcase for your toys, or you simply want a cleaner, more attractive garage, it starts with our 3-layer concrete floor coating system.

Tougher than nails

Our polyaspartic system is stronger and more flexible than traditional epoxy. That means your new floor will shrug off everything from hot vehicle tires to dropped tools and chemical spills.

Easy to clean

Our system encapsulates your concrete with a new easy-to-clean surface, so your new floor will be impervious to stains while eliminating concrete odor and dust.

Beautiful by design

Our coating system includes a customizable chip blend, so we can match your style. And our UV-proof materials ensure your floor coating will never yellow or fade in the sun.

Done in a flash

Our veteran team completes most jobs in 1 day. So you can walk on the floor 4 hours later and return it to full service — including vehicle parking — the next day.

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Our 1-Day Process

Our factory-trained installers work in teams to execute our 4-step process in a single shift. You'll be able to walk on your new garage floor after 4 hours, and resume parking in 24 hours.

Diamond grinding the concrete floor

Step 1: Surface Restore

We diamond-grind your floor to a clean, bare surface before repairing any cracks or surface damage.

Concrete base coat application

Step 2: Base Coat

Our two-part base coat seals in concrete dust and forms a chemical and mechanical bond with ZERO odor.

Denim custom chip blend

Step 3: Protective Chips

Choose one of our popular color chip blends or develop your own custom blend to suit your style.

Our Polyaspartic top coat

Step 4: Clear Top Coat

Our low odor polyaspartic top coat cures overnight, so you can drive on your new floor the next day.

How Much Does Garage Floor Coating Cost?

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